Henry Bath Warehousing (Shanghai) Co Ltd.

Henry Bath Warehousing (Shanghai) Co Ltd.


Registered with the Shanghai Administration for Industrial Commerce, announces its expansion to China.

Shanghai, 7th May 2015. In a move to bring its historic and renowned reputation to the Chinese market, Henry Bath is opening facilities in the Shanghai free trade zone.

“Carefully considering the changes in the metals warehousing environment in China, we strongly felt that the proven and compliant Henry Bath operating model was fit for purpose for this exciting and growing market,” said Sean Ginnane, Group General Manager, Asia of Henry Bath.

“We consulted with our clients to ascertain their views. We challenged our own ideas with our network of trusted industry experts, and stress-tested our overall offering to validate our operating model and its suitability and value in the China markets,” he continued.”

Henry Bath’s world-class governance, risk management, compliance and security has been a much sought after commodity amongst its global client base. The senior management team of Henry Bath considered China as an essential milestone in the Company’s China expansion and development strategy.

“Now is the right time for Henry Bath to bring its brand, its culture, its controls and its proven way of working to China,” continued Ginnane. “We felt that there is a definite need for a trusted partner with a proven history and track record in metal warehousing and compliant document control to raise the bar, to assure the markets and to provide the highest quality service to every client every time.“

As the Bonded Warehouse operator, initially in the Shanghai area, it is a major milestone chapter in the 221 year history of the company.

Henry Bath has provided warehousing services from its Waigaoqiao facilities for almost 10 years through its valued local partner. In recognition to changing market needs and Henry Bath’s commitment to development in China, Henry Bath believes now is the right time to further expand its operating model— bringing its own brand and staff to China to provide its best in class warehousing and logistics services through its own wholly owned, controlled and staffed subsidiary.

Henry Bath initially will locate facilities in the Yangshan area of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, offering direct links to the ports areas of Yangshan and Waigaoqiao to offer its clients with best in class commodity warehousing services.

If you would like to discuss Henry Bath’s China capabilities further, please contact:

Larry Yuan
General Manager,Henry Bath Warehousing (Shanghai) Co Ltd
+86 21 20803052

Yong Shen Tan
+86 156 0187 0407

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