Notice of Delivery Out Procedure (Rotterdam)

Notice of Delivery Out Procedure (Rotterdam)

February 2010 until further notice - Henry Bath BV, Rotterdam.

In order to maximise delivery out schedules during the current period of peak demand, with immediate effect Henry Bath BV Rotterdam is invoking a formal scheduling system whereby customers will be allocated a clearly defined loading window (time slots) throughout the day during which time deliveries will take place. This notice sets out an explanation of how this process will operate.

Per Rotterdam warehouse location, a maximum number of trucks will be permitted per loading window (time slot), in compliance with LME delivery out guidelines for approved warehouses.

With immediate effect, Henry Bath Rotterdam will operate 3 loading windows per day, being:

1st window 07.00 - 09.00 hrs.
2nd window 09.00 - 11.45 hrs. (port lunch time)
3rd window 12.30 - 15.30 hrs.

All transport bookings to arrange collection/loading from the warehouse needs to be advised to our Rotterdam office 1 day prior (minimum 24 hours notice in advance) to loading before 12.00 hrs local time. A loading window will be allocated to your request. If this window is fully booked we would offer the next available alternative to meet customer requirements. This enables us to manage an orderly loading plan and allocate deliveries fairly and evenly to all customers with the objective of minimising any delays. The last reporting times per loading window are:

1st window: 08.30 hrs.
2nd window 11.00 hrs.
3rd window 14.30 hrs.

If trucks show up later than booked we will endeavour to load in the next available window, provided there is sufficient time.

Drivers, however, need to be made aware that they will be asked to schedule around those trucks that showed up at the proper allocated time.

We trust this way of working enhances transparency in our operational processes with companies collecting material and maximises our delivery out rates for customers during this current period of peak demand.

For further information please contact Rene Bloem, Operations Director, Henry Bath BV Tel: + 31 10 283 1000