Notice of Delivery Out Procedure (Singapore)

Notice of Delivery Out Procedure (Singapore)

In order to maximise delivery out schedules during the current period of peak demand, with effect from Monday 13 April 2009 until further notice, Henry Bath Singapore Pte Ltd (HBSPL) is invoking a formal scheduling system whereby customers will be allocated a clearly defined loading window (time slots) throughout the day during which time deliveries will take place. This notice sets out an explanation of how this process will operate.

Per Singapore warehouse location, a maximum number of trucks will be permitted per loading window (time slot), in compliance with LME delivery out guidelines for approved warehouses. If this window is fully booked we would offer the next available alternative to meet customer requirements. This enables us to manage an orderly loading plan and allocate deliveries fairly and evenly to all customers with the objective of minimising any delays.


Our working day will be divided in to three TIME SLOTS when collection vehicles will be accepted:

» 0900hrs-1100hrs EARLY
» 1100hrs-1300hrs MID
» 1300hrs-1600hrs LATE

Our warehouses will remain open until 1700hrs to load any outstanding trucks which have arrived.

Our working days are Monday to Friday excluding Singapore Public Holidays.


  1. Bookings for collection will be taken after all formalities permitting delivery have been completed with 48 hours notice prior to the first collection. We consider the formalities to be the correct and final release of the cargo to the party collecting.
  2. Our definition of 48 hours notice is 'the second morning after final release confirmed, no matter what time that release was done by HBSPL'.For example,if the release is sent at 0700hrs Monday or 1900hrs Monday, collection can commence Wednesday morning (available TIME SLOTS permitting).
  3. Collection will only be permitted if payment of all outstanding invoices has been received by us.
  4. Bookings for collection may be made prior to payment being received.
  5. To allow a fair introduction of the process during the first week, we will check the date and time we received pre-existing requests to load on all outstanding collection jobs. We will then check balances on each job, ring the party collecting the job, and allocate booking slots for this tonnage.


  1. The party collecting is to email their request to
  2. The HBSPL JI reference number is to be quoted in the title of the email.
  3. The party collecting is to request the required number of TIME SLOTS for the tonnage due for collection.
  4. One TIME SLOT is required for each truck arriving at the warehouse.
  5. For collections by Fork Lift Truck, one TIME SLOT equals one warrant (for tin, nickel, and copper this will be modified).
  6. For each TIME SLOT the party collecting must inform HBSPL of the truck registration plate number, JI reference, and driver name (to protect the security interests of the cargo owner).
  7. HBSPL will confirm the TIME SLOTS by return email. If the TIME SLOTS are not available alternatives will be agreed by repeating the booking process on email.
  8. There is no requirement for the party collecting to allocate warrants to the driver, this will be managed by HBSPL. If the party collecting requires specific warrants from the job it should be discussed with this office and arranged accordingly.
  9. We will no longer accept extensive lists of truck registrations and drivers names, it is the responsibility of the party collecting to be specific for each TIME SLOT.


  1. The party collecting is to arrange for the truck collecting to arrive in its allocated TIME SLOT.
  2. Driver will sign in as normal and receive the cargo.
  3. Any drivers arriving outside their allotted time slot may not be loaded. However, wherever possible late arrivals will be accommodated on the same day, but not necessarily upon their arrival.
  4. Any drivers who miss their TIME SLOT on the day of collection, will need to re-book the load using the procedure above. HBSPL can not guarantee that a TIME SLOT will be available on the following day. However, if it is possible, it will be arranged.

Drivers need to be made aware that they will be asked to schedule around those trucks that showed up at the proper allocated time. We trust this way of working enhances transparency in our operational processes with companies collecting material and maximises our delivery out rates for customers during this current period of peak demand.

For further information please contact Martin Kennewell, General Manager Asia, Henry Bath Singapore Pte Ltd.