Notice of Exchange Delivery Out Procedure (USA)

Notice of Exchange Delivery Out Procedure (USA)

BALTIMORE, April 18, 2016 - In order to optimize delivery out schedules; with effect from April 25, 2016 and until further notice, Henry Bath LLC is introducing a formal scheduling system whereby customers will be allocated a clearly defined loading date and time slot.  This notice sets out an explanation of how this process will operate to help better understanding for our customers as well as haulage companies.

In compliance with LME delivery out procedures for approved warehouses; trucks will be allocated a time slot during each day.  If this date is fully booked we would offer the next available alternative.  This enables us to manage an orderly loading plan and allocate deliveries fairly and evenly to all customers with the objective of minimizing any delays, we operate in a first come, first serve manner.

Our operating hours are, Monday through Friday (excluding public holidays)

Baltimore: 0800hours to 1430 hours

New Orleans: 0700 hours to 1430 hours

Chicago: 0700 hours to 1430 hours

Detroit: 0800 hours to 1400 hours

For each location, loading slots have been introduced to ensure an efficient load out


Early 0800 hours to 1000 hours

Mid 1000 hours to 1200 hours

Late 1230 hours to 1430 hours

New Orleans

Early 0700 hours to 0900 hours

Mid 0900 hours to 1200 hours

Late 1300 hours to 1430 hours


Early 0700 hours to 0900 hours

Mid 0900 hours to 1200 hours

Late 1300 hours to 1430 hours


Early 0800 hours to 1200 hours

Late 1200 hours to 1400 hours


Following settlement of the necessary formalities, the owner of the goods will receive a unique booking number related to the Henry Bath delivery out job reference (JI) for each individual collection and will be required to provide the following details prior to collection:

Driver Name

Driver driving license number

Truck plate number

The booking in numbers and JI must be assigned to individual truck drivers and all details provided will be cross checked upon arrival at the warehouse together with applicable consignee information.  The booking numbers and JI will be emailed with detailed pick up instructions to the owner of the goods, whom must carefully review this information upon receipt and pass on to the repective trucking company.  Failure to present the correct booking number or a different driver or truck arriving will result in a delay with loading whilst the details are refreshed. Henry Bath LLC will accept amendments at any time prior to the loading.

Henry Bath LLC does not load trailers with metal floors, reefer units or flatbeds for rear loading.  Any damaged equipment will not be loaded for safety purposes.


Scheduling for collection will be taken after all formalities permitting delivery have been completed with 48 hours notice prior to the first collection.

Our definition of 48 hours notice is the second morning after final release confirmed

Collection will only be permitted if payment for all outstanding invoices has been received by us


The owner of the goods is to email their request to

The HB LLC JI reference should always be part of the shipping instructions

The release instructions could include a proposed shipping schedule which will be coordinated with our shipping team or you may also note 'first available dates' and we will schedule accordingly.


The party collecting is to arrange for the truck to arrive on the date and during the loading slot assigned for the pick up as per the appointment schedule emailed by HB LLC (note that Midwest and Gulf Coast locations are assigned windows of loading by the shipping department and some locations require a TWIC card; please review your details carefully for these detailed instructions)

Driver will sign in as per normal procedure and receive the cargo.  Driver and truck details must match those provided prior to collection and he must quote the booking number and JI.

Missed pick up numbers will be advised to the owner of the goods for re scheduling purposes.

Should collections take place from multiple warehouse buildings; your hauler can cross check building addresses before 4.00pm EST the day prior to collection.

Henry Bath Baltimore requires truck drivers to wear PPE equipment in the form of high visibility vests during collections at all locations.

For further information, please contact the General Manager USA at Henry Bath LLC.