Henry Bath Warehouse Receipts

The HB Warehouse Receipt is recognised by insurers and international banks as a financeable document that assures the Warehouse Receipt holder title to the underlying goods. HB Warehouse Receipts therefore allow our clients to readily finance their physical metal and commodity stocks that are stored in our global network of Henry Bath warehouses.

Henry Bath has its own Act of UK Parliament dating from 1890 that legally enables us to issue transferable certificates and warrants (nowadays referred to as Warehouse Receipts) for the delivery of goods. The original principal of the Act remains in force; "Every such certificate or warrant shall be deemed to be a document of title to the goods specified therein and shall be transferable by endorsement or special endorsement and any holder of such certificate or warrant whether the person named therein or the endorsee thereof shall have the same right to the possession and property of such goods as if they were deposited in his own warehouse."


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