Henry Bath | History


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Henry Bath Warehouse opens in Yangshan.
The two level 20,000sqm was officially opened on 16th March 2018. The warehouse, located within the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, is protected by state of the art security features and is backed by the rigorous Henry Bath Risk, Compliance and Control Standards.


Henry Bath were approved and accredited by both UTZ to warehouse coffee and cocoa in Liverpool, Rotterdam and Antwerp and by Organic to store and handle their products in Rotterdam.


Henry Bath opened new facilities in Antwerp. The warehouse (Alpha) has a combined heating and power supply generated by renewable energy. The warehouse will offset any Co2 that is produced and Henry Bath are working towards formal recognition of this carbon neutral status.


Signs MoU with LME – ‘The Belt and Road”: A Better Commodity Link for the Real Economy: Partnership for Commodity Financing on LMEshield MoU. The first LMEshield warehouse receipt is issued.


Henry Bath rebrands to reflect that they are now part of the CMST group.


Henry Bath Warehousing (Shanghai) Co Ltd fully managed facility opens and rebrands to reflect its new opportunities in China.


Henry Bath issues one of the first warrants for the LME steel billet contract.


During the next decade, Henry Bath adds Malaysia, Korea and China to the warehousing platform.


Over 4 years, Henry Bath expands its operations by acquisitions in the US, Singapore and Rotterdam, and moves into the handling and storage of soft commodities, coffee and cocoa in Antwerp.


The company starts a ship breaking business. They buy The Great Eastern, a ship designed by I.K. Brunel. At the end of its life it’s broken up and sold for scrap. The ship’s mast is still the main flagpole at Liverpool FC.


The very first London Metal Exchange warrant is issued by Henry Bath on 20 December 1883.


The London Metal Exchange Company was formed to provide a more regulated forum for commodity transactions. Henry Bath was a founding member.


Henry Bath opens a trading office in Bentinck Street, Liverpool.


Henry Bath II establishes the Swansea Iron Shipbuilding Company and 3 years later launches the “Firefly” and “Zeta” steam clippers for use on the Chilean coast.


Henry Bath II marries the daughter of Charles Lambert, another prominent Swansea shipbuilder and copper merchant, merging both family businesses in copper smelting operations.


Headquarters moves to Swansea. Henry Bath II becomes a partner. Bath and Son own and operate a fleet and develop trade with Chile, exporting coal and returning with copper ore and sodium nitrates.


Henry Bath founds a copper trading business covering all aspects of the copper trade — sampling, weighing, setting freight landing charges and sales.


Henry Bath is born in January 1776 in Falmouth, Cornwall.