Henry Bath | China

A unique bridge between Chinese and global markets

Our company structure gives you a unique bridge between Chinese and global commodity markets. We are now part of CMST Zhongchu - China’s largest integrated logistics company and a major SHFE delivery warehouse operator, owning more than 70 logistics centres across 30 major Chinese ports with 10 million square metres of land, including bonded and non-bonded warehouses in the Shanghai port areas.

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Henry Bath

Ways to benefit

Quicker turnaround times

We can facilitate a quicker transfer between domestic and overseas commodity markets (including quicker cancellation and re-issuance of Warehouse Receipts), by providing clients with a convenient, efficient logistics service between our bonded and non-bonded warehouses – saving you valuable transaction time in the market

Reduced costs

Our integrated operating model avoids unnecessary logistics moves and shortens the communication chain, which in turn accelerates customs clearance and improves efficiency between onshore and offshore China movements – saving you logistics costs

Convenient service

We give you the one-stop service convenience of using a single contact to interface logistics between onshore and offshore China physical markets. Our combined capability offers reliable, convenient and efficient logistics services in international freight forwarding to and from mainland China. We also provide local services in customs clearance, commodity inspection, domestic and bonded warehousing, and onward internal distribution throughout mainland China – saving you the workload

Greater optionality

Our full service wheel capability gives you unique arbitrage and physical market opportunities. Combined together, Henry Bath and CMST give you physical delivery options against all main Western and Chinese Exchanges including LME, CME, ICE, SHFE and DCE, for products including non-ferrous metals, cocoa, coffee, rubber and plastics, as well as off-Exchange Warehouse Receipting for commodities inventory financing - giving you more opportunities to profit.